What is the Full List of Electronic Bidet Benefits?

Health Introduction

Here, I’d like to put together a complete list of the health benefits and other advantages of using an electronic washlet or toilet seat. Please let me know if I missed something!

Sanitary Benefits with Regular Use

For the general population, these toilets allow better cleaning and drying than alternatives.

They are better for skin care.

Specifically for women: they are especially helpful in periods of menstruation, pregnancy, as well as for new mothers.

Specifically for people with some types of disabilities (see further below also): these toilets can transform the bathroom experience, giving them more autonomy and better results.

Cleanliness of Toilet and Restroom

Self-cleaning features of nozzle, of toilet bowl, and/or of toilet seat reduce the regular maintenance chores.

Automatic air deodorizing improves the smell after every flush, while automatic air decontamination removes bacteria from the environment.

Automatic opening and closing of toilet lid, and/or of toilet seat allows for hand-free operation for typical regular use, which also helps with spreading of germs.

Health Benefits for Specific Diseases and Conditions

From common conditions which affects everyone at some point, such diarrhea, to some very rare diseases and injuries, the electronic toilets can be indispensible to some people and very helpful to everyone else.

Other conditions include: skin rashes, hemorroids. They allow for less abrasion and less irritation during use.

They lead to reduction in urinary track infections (UTIs).

They are very helpful for common diseases of the digestive system such as Crown’s disease and Irritable bowel syndrome.

They are also useful for a number of other diseases including: anal fissure, fistula, prolapse, itching, ulcerative colitis.

They can also help with other disabilities such as ostomy.

For people prone to fainting or at risk of heart attacks, the person detector can trigger a problem and send an alarm signal.

Practical Benefits for Specific Physical Conditions

Besides the health benefits, there are also considerable practical benefits in the senior population, or anyone with limited mobility in hands, shoulders and/or arms.

Environmental Benefits

Leading to much reduction in toilet paper usage, these toilets are great for the environment: less need for toilet paper, and the electricity, water, chemicals and trees that are used to produce toilet paper rolls.

They lead to less water use during their operation, but even more so from the reduction in toilet paper use.

Less toilet paper also prevents clogging of toilet, of pipes, and of the whole aqueduct system of your town.

Fun and comfort

A very comfortable cat
A very comfortable cat

The electronic toilets have many features that are pure luxury, that appeal to fun and comfort without direct health or sanitary benefits.

Heated seats are especially welcome during cold nights and mornings. Similarly, for the jets of warm water for cleaning and warm air for drying.

The massage features are arguably only for fun.

Hands-free operation is an appreciable luxury, aside from its usefulness for sanitation purposes and for people with disabilities.

The automatic pleasant smell dispenser is a great service to hosts helping ensure that consecutives guests have a good experience. The same can be said of the automatic cleaning functions.

Music can be a nice distraction, especially for those who like to spend more time in the restroom.

However, music plays also another important role in noise reduction. Toilets can have additional mechanisms in their design that contribute to noise reduction.

Finally, lighting features could be included as a practical benefit or for fun and comfort: a soothing blue light can help one locate the toilet in the dark, while advanced systems with multiple lighting colors offer a kind of relaxing color therapy.

Practical Benefits

These expensive toilets, being carefully designed and manufactured, are typically very reliable.

They can be relatively simple of use, with self-explanatory pictograms.

User preferences can be saved on several models.

Their design with few crannies or other hard-to-reach places helps them be easier to clean.

They can have an elegant stylish modern look.

They can also look largely like familiar American standard toilets, and used very much in the same way too.

They usually come with a solid warranty.

They can be easy to install, though that will depend on your specific situation.

Substantial Money Savings

Although electronic toilets can appear quite expensive upfront, they lead to significant savings after one or several years of use.

They can also lead to money savings under varied scenarios such as:

  1. Complete or significant reduction in toilet paper consumption
  2. When someone with a disability can be more autonomous with them, without requiring paid helpers
  3. Reduction in medical costs from reduced symptoms and reduced diseases
  4. Reduction in repair costs due to clogging
Electronic Washlets Greatly Reduce Toilet Paper Usage
Electronic Washlets Greatly Reduce Toilet Paper Usage


We have covered that electronic toilets with washlet features have many advantages:

  1. Better for sanitation of users and restrooms
  2. Better for health reasons
  3. Better for health and comfort
  4. Better for the environment
  5. Better for practical reasons
  6. Better for economical reasons

This is quite a list! If you feel I have missed some useful pieces of information, please let me know in the comments!

12 thoughts on “What is the Full List of Electronic Bidet Benefits?

  1. Didn’t really know there was such a thing as electric bidet toilet seat. Or actually I knew they existed but thought they were only used in luxury hotels in Tokyo or something. Having had my fare share of bowel issues from fissures, thrombosed hemorrhoids to a full blown abscess and a following fistula (too much information, I know, but it’s relevant to the topic. Don’t you just love the anonymity of the Internet?) I can attest a bidet of some sort is a most if you have any bowel issues or disorders.

    I remember reading there’s a company or maybe a technical university that is looking for automated urine and stool sampling integrated to your toilet. It could already spot some forms of cancer and diabetes! Would’t that be something. We are living exciting times for sure technology wise.

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your health issues, but indeed a bidet toilet would have provided very practical help then.

      I didn’t know at all about these automated sampling experiments for detecting diseases like cancer. I will read about it and if I find enough, I will add an article. Thank you very much for the suggestion!

  2. I can definitely see these becoming more of a thing not just in private houses, but in the public as well. When any new innovation sparks up both health benefits along with environmental benefits, it’s definitely going to hit the mainstream. Especially for those with any type of pre-existing condition such as UTI, as you mentioned, they will definitely be recommended in the future even by allied health professionals. 

    1. Hi Todd, great that you mention UTIs, because I have an article specifically about them and electronic toilets. Do you know of anyone with a UTI condition? Then please refer them here! Thanks, Phil

  3. Electronic Bidet benefits appear to be extensive and I appreciate you providing a thorough post here. It’s nice to hear that they are particularly beneficial for women and for those with diabetes. The self-cleaning feature looks pretty amazing, and I like that it has a self-cleaning feature. Another added benefit is the automatic lid opener/closer. This toilet looks pretty solid and I’m bookmarking your post so that I can refer back to it, well done!

  4. Interesting choice of topic to write about. ;P Everybody needs toilets I suppose, never thought of toilets being amazing, but I guess I just haven’t been exposed to any amazing toilets, until now… lol. Living in western Canada, I think that there is  nobody here (who hasn’t travelled to more exotic places) who has ever even seen a bidet, or knows how to use one. We are just an “uncouth” people I guess. I hope it catches on, sounds good. Keep blogging!

    1. Thanks Elaine! Yes, they are harder to find in some remote places, and then it becomes much more practical to shop for them online! Cheers, Phil

  5. You have certainly picked an interesting and valuable niche, electronic bidets. Who’d a thunk? How did you decide to focus on this? I can certainly see the benefits because we all have to use the toilet at some point every day and the idea of using a better than average toilet is appealing. You note that its better for sanitation, for health reasons, health and comfort, the environment, for practical reasons and economical reasons. You give great detail on each area.

    You made me want to buy an electronic bidet by pointing out the non-health/comfort-related features like heated seats, jets of warm water for cleaning and warm air for drying, massage features, hands-free operation, automatic pleasant smell dispense, even music!

    Thanks to you, I’m going to go online and check into buying an electronic bidet.

    Thanks for introducing this to me.

    1. Thanks, Ronald,

      As I explained on my page “About Us”, I was amazed at the space-age toilets that I saw on my trips to Asia, and decided to share that with you and my other readers. Glad to hear about your enthusiasm! Please give me feedback about your new bidet when you have had it installed! Cheers, Phil

  6. I have seen this kind of bidet before during my visit to an executive apartment in my city. Using it brought a sense of fulfilment I so much admire. I never knew it can serve this many health purposes and benefits. If not because of its price according to what I decode from this review, it would have been a must for every household. But am seeing some of its usefulness I don’t seem to understand. For example, how it can ensure better  skincare, etc but I will love to do further research on that. How much is this electronic bidet costs on Amazon?

    1. Hello Stella, glad to hear you had the opportunity to experience a bidet in an executive apartment!

      As for better skin care, the reason is that the air and water jets are more hygienic and softer than toilet paper, and don’t lead to rashes.

      You can find links to Amazon products on my product review pages. The first question to ask yourself is whether you are looking to replace your whole toilet, or just change the toilet seat.

      Let me know if you have any other questions. Phil

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