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The Best Home Toilets: Smart Electronic Bidets!

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Writing mainly for a North American or European audience, I’d like to present here my personal review of the best smart toilets for your home.

My aim here is to offer a perspective on what the best home toilets are irrespective of the costs, focusing on features and elegance of design. Please check out my article on features and benefits here.

I only look at complete models (also called integrated, or combo), to replace your entire toilet, not the simple upgrade done by replacing the seat. I have another article for that purpose.

Perhaps you are coming here looking for the most beautiful and convenient toilet that money can buy, or you are an interior designer looking for options to present a client. Whatever other reasons bring you here, let’s begin where I started: the toilets I saw in China.

The Chinese toilets

I had an awesome experience with the toilets of Shanghai, Suzhou and Beijing during my trip in the fall of 2018. So naturally I looked for their availability in the Western world. Unfortunately, there appears to be a plethora of manufacturers which made only a small penetration in the Western markets.

SunDream smart toilet
SunDream smart toilet

A sleek example is model IT9083 by SunDream. However, the controls are labeled in Chinese and English, and operates on 220V power grid: great for Europe, but inconvenient for North America.

Looking for smart toilets on Alibaba, I noted many other companies with interesting designs: Vogo, Realgres, Ligun, Vancoco, Bravat, Weidesheng, Organs, etc. If your main focus is on finding a rare and beautiful design, your best chance is to explore these companies and see if a suitable item can be delivered to you.

The Japanese toilets: Toto

I’ve been to Japan in 1996 and then again shortly after my China trip in 2018. While I was most impressed by the Chinese toilets initially, the Japanese toilets are amazing too. Not all of them of course: since the Japanese have been the leaders in toilet development for over a hundred years, you will encounter on a trip there plenty of older models that make your restroom stay feel like you are in an old hospital.

However, in the high-end hotels and shopping centers, you will get to experience the very best models. They will come at a higher price than the Chinese models, but shopping for them and procuring one will be much easier. The simple reason is one word: TOTO.

As the market leader in Japan and worldwide for intelligent toilets, Toto has coined the simple pleasant word Washlet, to identify smart toilets with a bidet system. You can readily select and order the model that suits you, feeling confident about their excellent quality and durability.

The main pros is that you will get top quality and the longest list of features. The designs are undoubtedly beautiful, however the choice in designs is rather limited. The main top-end choice are the few models of Neorest. Other models, all quite similar looking, are: Aquia, Carlyle, Drake, Nexus, Supreme, UltraMax, Vespin, Aimes, Vespin, Legato, G400, C200, etc.

For simplicity, we will only consider the top-end Neorest here, model 750H. You will find that these Japanese models, but also the Chinese and American ones too, are often out-of-stock on Amazon and elsewhere, a clear indication that electronic smart toilets are a rapidly growing market in the Western world. Here is a link to model Neorest AH.

The North American toilet makers

The strategy of North American toilet designers is to slowly break the cultural barrier for acceptance of the smart toilets in America. Thus, they aim customers towards replacing their existing seat with an electronic bidet seat, to make the installation experience as seamless and low-cost as possible. This may be your best option, stay tuned for our article reviewing the many models of bidet seats. For now, the main point is that they have produced few complete models, competing successfully with Toto on cost, and perhaps less so on design or features.

  1. Kohler: Karing, Numi and Veil. While Kohler, a company from Wisconsin, is the leader in traditional American toilets, it is a latecomer in the smart toilet market. The only feature unique to Kohler that I could identify is an option for 8 colors of light. The Numi model has a square, nearly cubic, shape. Only the Karing model has the feminine wash features. Only the Veil K-5401-PA is ADA (American Disability Act) compliant.
  2. BioBidet: IB-835. Easily an excellent low-end choice, by a company near Chicago.
  3. Ove: Ove Saga. Ove is a Canadian (Montreal, Quebec) company. As the least expensive option aside from the Chinese manufacturers, its beautiful model is well worth considering.
  4. EurotoUSA: EUT3828. Full featured and with a neat design, this is a top contender. This company is based in California.

There are undoubtedly more high-end products designed in the USA or in Europe. I would be very to hear about them if you leave a comment.

Comparison: the most complete models

Using the listed features of Toto model 750H as our gold standard, here are how the other models fare on a checklist. Current online prices in March 2019 are in US dollars.

While trying to fit the features of competitors into the description of the Toto model, we realized that each company engineered its implementation of the desirable features in its own way. Therefore, the companies are competing on the basis of small differences in each feature, rather that its presence or absence.

 Toto 750HKohler KaringBioBidet IB-835Ove SagaEuroto EUT3828
jet flushingyesyesyesyesyes
nozzle cleaning / UVyes (UV)yesnonoyes
night lightyesyesyesyesyes
dual flushyesno (other models: yes)nonono
washlet (front, rear)yesyesyesyesyes
oscillating/pulsing washingyesyesyesyes
auto lid open/closeyesyesyesyesyes
auto flushyesyesyesyesyes
adjustable heated seatyesyesyesyesyes
adjustable spray positionyesyesyes
energy saveryesyes
back-up manual flushyesyes (battery)yesyes
auto bowl cleaningyesyesyesyes
air purifying systemyesyesyesyesyes
remote controlyesyesyesyesyes
ADA compliantyesnono (15 inches high)nono

A quick glance at the table shows that all the models are good options, having most of the features. We note that Kohler’s Numi model has additional musical features.

Conclusion: our top 3 choices

Toto’s Neorest comes first with all the features except music, and the most advanced versions of some of the features, such as UV light cleaning and electrolyzed water use. It is difficult to choose the other top contenders.

The 3 Kohler models look very different, and one of them would deserve the second spot; which one will depend on whether you like the cubic shape of the Numi, with the most complete musical features, but curiously without the female hygiene option, or the more conventional look of the Karing model.

In third place, my preference goes for Euroto, but I wish the online documentation was more complete. I’m looking forward to hearing from you with questions and feedback.

4 thoughts on “The Best Home Toilets: Smart Electronic Bidets!

  1. The best kind of toilet is the one that flushes! Just kidding, great article though! It was quite informative. Personally I have developed some kind of fascination with Chinese toilets- they are so cool! You see, i’m from Europe, and i have traveled all over the world in my short 24 years on this earth. I have seen bathrooms and toilets of all kinds, but none really can compare to the PURE UNIQUENESS of chines toilets lol Not even just Chinese toilets, but high quality asian toilets in general.

     They take bathroom style to a whole other level!! Their toilets are like futuristic robots, and while I think that is super awesome, I’m just not sure the USA is ready for such fancy toiletry yet. LOL But really, thanks for the awesome post. I can confidently say I’ve never read an article on the different types of toilets, but I do find it incredibly fascinating. I look forward to hearing from you in future posts! Ta ta for now ( ; 

    1. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm, this is most welcome! For whatever reasons, maybe more immigration with an evolving culture, the US and North America might be ready for this, since we are witnessing a year-on-year sales growth of 15-30% in the different markets for smart toilets: maybe it is really catching on. Stay tuned!  

  2. Hello Philippe: This is real state of the art, today technology stuff here !!  WOW.

    I recently built a new home in 2016, and we had decided to go with a BLACK toilets for both of our bathrooms.  There is a black theme throughout.  We quickly found out that this was not an easy thing to do.  When we eventually found suppliers here in North America (Canada especially), they could not ship them, they were no longer available, or special ordered with a very special price.  Try to get ANY colour, besides white now a days is virtually a test of your patience and determination.  Having to spend your own time and money doing the research and phone calls trying to dig up a NON-WHITE toilet.

    We eventually did – American Standard, with two recalls, back to the factory, due to cracks in the porcelain.  They had to be specially ordered, made just for us, and then shipped (or so we were told).

    You mentioned “Electronically smart toilets” – what does this mean ??  Whole lots of fancy features it looks like !?

    I relate “Toto” as a rock band, but the word is to identify smart toilets with a bidet system.  It would be neat to see a picture of how this operates or look like.  This is all new stuff for me, and we are considered “Snobs” because we have black toilets !!  There are a bunch of examples you mention in the article, would be cool to have the links to these models to see what the RAVE is all about.

    I found your article enlightening for the toilet world.  Had no idea there was so many feature available for soooo much money.  WOW.  Maybe even describe the feature listed and what they actually mean.  That would be cool.

    1. Thanks for your story, Bruce. Yes, I agree that finding special colors for bathroom is very difficult to do. Fortunately, you were resourceful and managed to get them special ordered. Hopefully in the end you could get the desired result for your bathrooms!

      Yes, Toto is very much a rock band! But it’s also a large toilet maker. Actually, you may find them in random shopping malls and restaurants all over Canada and the USA. 

      As you could see from my posts, there are a lot of features in modern toilets. My purpose here was to inform you on the best toilets available. Glad this was informative for you!

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