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Luxury Modern Bathroom Design: the Amazing Asian Toilets


You have wonderful ideas on the design of your perfect new bathroom. But have you thought at all about the toilet? If you want the most amazing toilet available, you’ve come to the right place.

Before we focus on the toilets, let’s ask ourselves what are the characteristics of what we would identify as a luxury modern bathroom design.

Of course, this is very much a matter of taste. In my mind, I think of luxury in a positive light, as some place clean and comfortable, unique and beautiful, aware that there is a fine line to cross to land into the unpalatable, ostentatious, kitsch and gilded looks that are intended for movie sets and not the real life.

Hopefully though, there are some general guidelines we should be able to agree on, on these matters of taste.

What is a luxurious bathroom?

Here are 5 abstract concepts to work on as you imagine in your mind one bathroom design after another, going from the more general to the more specific.

As you read this, indeed try to generate mental pictures of your own that include these elements.

  • Space: although more space is generally better, too much can be intimidating and cold. Hence, the right amount of space is better: an uncluttered uncramped space, with each bathroom functionality unimpaired and plenty of space to breathe, and meaningful lines of sight to gaze at.
  • Light: while there are successful dark bathroom concepts, plenty of natural and artificial lighting is highly desirable. Here too, there is a need for the right balance: too much light can feel aggressive, like someone is putting you in the hot seat or on the surgery table at the hospital.
  • Materials: one is seeking interesting, wholesome materials, often natural of origin or high tech. Some classical luxury examples: gold, marble, granite, onyx, copper, mother-of-pearl, rare woods. Of course, the combination of materials will have a huge impact on the overall effect. Careful too that some materials can be very impersonal and aloof.
  • Textures: different textures can be crafted into these materials, so that you can control how much people will feel like touching the surfaces. Here, one will get a successful result by combining contrasting textures.
  • Details: as important as the larger elements, the details are the final touch, and they will contribute most to getting a unique, well-integrated pleasant design. Here is a short list of details worth thinking about: nice fabric, cabinetry, shower tiling, flooring, sculptural faucet, contrasting sink, purposeful storage, mirrors, plants, lighting, rugs and artworks.

Of course these concepts were quite abstract, and if you are not particularly visual, you might gain more perspective by looking at the tons of images on the web of luxury bathrooms.

High tech features to consider including in your bathroom

Besides the key abstract elements of space, light, materials, textures and details, a sixth element that is essential for getting a true luxury feeling is the comfort and convenience with carrying out bathroom functions that is brought to us by technology.

Bathroom technologies have been evolving for thousands of years in terms of toilets, showers and baths, and they are still evolving.

Here are some ideas to consider in no particular order:

  • Heated towel rack: to help your towels dry faster and to keep them warm and plush afterwards
  • Heated floor: as a cleaner alternative to carpets, mats and rugs, heated floors can paradoxically help reduce your electricity bill
  • Digital shower with power flow: this gives you a more precise control over the water temperature, water flow and water pressure
  • Sensor faucets: so convenient when one’s hands are all dirty, they turn on and off without one spreading dirt and germs all over the fixtures
  • Integrated sound system: music in the shower, in the bath or for the whole bathroom space
  • Rain or cascade shower
  • Jacuzzi bathtub, whirlpool, sauna, scented steam room, etc., and anything you would expect in a nice spa

This is a long list! But you don’t need a bathroom the size of a public swimming pool to include most of these features. Indeed, except for the last bullet point, the above conveniences can be introduced into nearly any bathroom.

Electronic bidet toilet
Electronic bidet toilet

Streamlined designed toilets

You will notice that the toilets were conspicuously absent from the above list, but this is now what I will focus on.

I would say that the prime characteristic of elegant luxurious toilets is their streamlined design:

  • all the curves are smooth, the object is pleasant to look at,
  • there are no hard-to-clean crevices,
  • indeed, they barely look like toilets, they look more like abstract modern art, except for their gleaming white color. Non-white toilets haven’t been very successful!

Thus, one could argue that designers of elegant toilets have succeeded in making the toilets intended functions as invisible as they could.

Electronic bidet toilets and toilet seats

So it is no surprise that from the outside, there is little that distinguishes a conventional streamlined designer toilet from a full-featured electronic bidet toilet.

I’ll refer you to my other articles on why these electronic smart toilets are awesome and on choosing an electronic bidet toilet or seat. I’ll only list here the luxurious characteristics to look for.

  • Bidet functions that allow superior cleanliness without the messiness of toilet paper: water cleaning with several controllable streams of warm water, and air drying
  • Automatic intelligent opening and closing of lid and of flushing
  • Heated seat
  • Bowl automated self-cleaning
  • Efficient powered-assisted flushing with less noise
  • Automatic deodorizing and disinfecting of the toilet and the bathroom
  • Night light and lighting up during operation
  • Music
  • Programmable for several users
  • Remote operation
  • Kids mode

As for purchasing a high-end toilet, depending on where you live, you might find them unavailable in stores around you.

Shopping on the internet becomes your best option, which you can do safely when protected by some vendors and manufacturers return policies and warranties.

Depending on whether you have a toilet to upgrade with a seat, or are considering installing an entirely new toilet, I am directing you to my two different sets of recommendations: bidet seats or completely integrated toilets.


In summary, designing a luxury bathroom is a large project, which requires a well-planned balancing act of many elements.

The toilet is often an overlooked component of a bathroom renovation. But as the central purpose and most used object in the bathroom, it deserves to get the best that you can afford.

6 thoughts on “Luxury Modern Bathroom Design: the Amazing Asian Toilets

  1. Wow, this bathroom sounds amazing and has given me more to aim for. I know about luxury finishings like faucets, tubs, etc but I had never thought about heated floors or heated towel racks. Having a warm towel when I come out of the bath would be awesome because no matter how hot it is, it’s always COLD! Thanks for sharing and look forward to learning what other awesome things I can have in a bathroom.

    1. Thanks Marlinda, I experienced heated floors and towel racks regularly when I lived in England, since they are quite common there, but indeed they are not so common in other parts of the world, like in Canada where I live now. I very much recommend them!  

  2. Hi! Thank you very much for outlining these tips for designing a luxurious modern bathroom. I agree with you concerning space. A bathroom that’s way oversized feels uncomfortable. And I also agree with you concerning the lighting. Balance is super important. But where I can’t be more in favor is choosing the best bathroom we can afford. That must be our principal investment.

  3. Hey Philippe,

    This is an informative and unique article I must say. Your article helped me a lot from many perspectives. I am building a new house so like others things I want my bathroom to be more luxurious. It would be great to have automatic designer toilet in my bathroom as I will get so many advantages unlike the conventional toilets. But I did not get how the automatic self-cleaning work on those toilets? I will keep your tips in mind while making my bathroom.

    Thank you very much for writing this helpful article.

    1. Hello Mahin, and thanks for your interest. To answer your question directly, the different manufacturers invented different ways by which the toilets can be self-cleaning. Probably the best example is the manufacturer TOTO. Before one uses the toilet, there is a mist that gets automatically sprayed and that cleans and disinfects. After using the toilet, there are other jets that thoroughly clean the bowl and also disinfect. With Kohler and other manufacturers, it’s similar ideas but the cleaning mechanisms operate a bit differently.

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