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High-End Toilets: Compare Bidet Toilet Seats [7 Leading Brands]

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In my previous product review, I listed the top models of complete luxury toilets.

But what if your toilets are already top-notch, and you just want to retrofit them with a state-of-the-art electronic toilet seat?

Here I assume you are shopping for a seat instead of a complete toilet, and focus on electronic bidet toilet seats.

There are many manufacturers of bidet seats and each has many models. This is a very confusing starting point.

So here is my simple methodology to strive to reach good conclusion: For each manufacturer, I will choose their best model, which is easy in most cases because most manufacturers do know and want to tell us that (but not all of them!), and in the second step I will compare the top models between manufacturers.

Prerequisites: What to Check to Make Sure It Will Fit

First things first: you need to have an electrical outlet in your bathroom, or be ready to have an electrician come install one.

Next, the toilet seat has to fit your toilet. There are two common standard types: round/D-shape and elongated, and most manufacturers offer each of their model in both sizes. We will not consider the non-standard sizes. Round and D-shapes  are similar, with the difference being the straight edge of the toilet seat on the side of the toilet tank.

Note that elongated models are much more comfortable for males as well as for larger people in general, besides their more stylish look. This surely explains why most luxury toilet illustrations are of the elongated type.

For North American toilets, here are the measurements that help you check if your existing toilet is of the standard type:

Distance between centers of bolts for the seat attachment: 5″1/4

Distance from to reservoir: at least 1″1/2.

As for choosing whether your existing toilet needs and elongated or a round/D-shape seat, you would measure the distance between the center of the bolts and the front edge of the bowl. If it’s longer than 18″, up to 19″1/4, it is elongated; if it’s less, down to 16″, it’s the D-shape (or round) version that you need.

My list of top models from the main manufacturers

Note: most prices are from Amazon, typically with a large discount from the manufacturer’s price. Links to actual products coming soon!

  1. Toto washlet S550e (white or beige)
  2. Brondell Swash 1400 (white or biscuit)
  3. BioBidet BB2000 (white or beige)
  4. Alpha JX (white only)
  5. Euroto EUT3618 (elongated and white only)
  6. Blooming BL-1063
  7. Kohler Novita BH90. Note: Novita is a South Korean company that merged with Kohler.

Ove: although an interesting option for complete smart toilets, it does not sell toilet seats, only complete toilets.

Here are many other brands we will not review: GenieBidet, Luxe Bidet, Smart Bidet, Lotus Hygiene, Infinity Bidet, Inus, Living Star, Tushy, American Standard.

They surely offer great value for money, but they are not in contention for claiming a complete set of features.

However, I concede that Lotus Hygiene ATS-1000 is an interesting top model worth considering, but I haven’t found enough comparison information.

Comparison Between the Top Models

To begin, it should be said that all the above models are excellent choices, all with a fairly complete list of features of what you would expect an electronic toilet to be capable of.

Be realistic though, as none will actually brush your teeth 😉

Each manufacturer has engineering and implemented the key features differently, targeting its own niches in the market.

This makes a direct comparison between models fairly difficult.

As the leading innovator in the industry, Toto really stands out from the pack.

Its top washlet has a number of unique features: toilet bowl misting and ewater (electrolized water) for better cleaning, and the generic features are typically more advanced in the Toto toilets.

If they are essential for you, then by all means go for the Toto washlet.

A List of Differences Between Washlet Seat Functions

Only Toto and Kohler have automatic opening and closing of the lid.

Toto, Brondell and BioBidet have user preset preferences.

Also, only Toto and Brondell have a broad spray washing function.

In the above list, Toto comes out on top. But now please note the following features for which other manufacturers beat Toto:

If a stainless steel nozzle is a key feature for you, then do note that Toto washlet S550e does not have it. Alpha has an aluminum nozzle, the other manufactures all have stainless steel.

If user weight exceeds 300 lbs, and up to 450 lbs, the only model that meets the weight requirement is BioBidet BB2000.

The Toto washlets have only 1 year warranty, while Alpha, BioBidet, Blooming and Brondell offer 3 years or somewhat longer. These last three models are also offered under a free 30-day trial, but not Toto.

If you are looking for an enema wash, then only BioBidet features it. Along this line, the Toto cleaning jet has a maximum volume of up to 0.4 liters per minute, while BioBidet and Blooming offer a greater delievery volume of nearly twice as much, at 0.7 l/min.

If you want a bidet seat that you can sit on with the lid closed, then only the Brondell model has this sturdiness built-in.

Finally, the Alpha and the Novita are the only models with a one-button easy wash, or a one-button wash and dry for simple use.


In summary, all these models are excellent but each has its own strengths and downsides.

If you want the most features, the Toto S550e is the best option, but BioBidet and Brondell come very close.

I could not say much about the Euroto model, which looks full-featured at first glance, but is a very new player in the industry, and should be worth your serious consideration.

An important consideration which I have not addressed here in depth is the overall design: of course this is a matter of taste and preferences.

However, I’m confident that you’ll find most models listed here to be quite aesthetically pleasing.

If you have questions about special features that I have not covered, or found some mistakes or omissions, or anything else, please leave me a comment, and I will update the page with more accurate information.

10 thoughts on “High-End Toilets: Compare Bidet Toilet Seats [7 Leading Brands]

  1. Never heard tell of an electronic toilet seat, I’m intrigued.  How disappointing would it be to get your seat home and it not fit, measuring is essential.  Automatic opening and closing of lids, why haven’t I heard of these sooner!

    I remember my first bidet experience, I wasn’t even sure which say to sit but once I figured it out I was very impressed by it.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Amanda! 

      Automatic opening and closing of lids works very much like automatic doors in a shopping mall: they are very convenient. 

      Thanks for sharing about your first bidet use… it sure is a whimsical experience the first time, but it showed how quickly you became impressed by it! 

      For sure, toilet seats that do not fit are annoying! To guard you against that, do ensure that you check are recheck your measurements and the requirements before ordering. Also, you can benefit from manufacturers and vendors who have 30-days or full-refund warrantees.

      Hope to see you again soon!



  2. Electronic toilets! This sounds awesome. I know about the hand sensored ones. This is the first time I am hearing of an electronic toilet and I would like to know a lot more. Why is the seat so important? What does it look like? Can we see some pictures of it? Is it available in other parts of the world apart from America? 

    1. Thanks very much for your feedback and your questions, Juliet! 

      I have answered several of them already in other posts, where I have more images, but I will redesign my website so the information is easier to find!

      Just to be complete, here are the answers:

      The seat is crucial, because it has all the advanced features in it, while the toilet bowl and reservoir (optional) can be your standard ones.

      The toilet seats are actually quite popular in Asia, South America and some parts of Europe! So indeed they are available anywhere in the world. I will address this supply question in greater detail in a later post. Stay tuned!


  3. This is a wonderful and carefully reviewed product. I actually read over and over in order to be convinced. Its only possible to have good result when all factors are put into consideration. I am just getting to know about these products and I can attest to the fact that they are eye opener for me and I learnt alot from your article. I am getting mine from the amazon link you shared as fast as possible. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Tracy. I am very glad that you could identify a toilet seat that best suited your needs. 

  4. Wow…  I haven’t had of an electric toilet seat before. I want to commend you for bringing this information. Also observing that It allows you to wash yourself thoroughly without contaminating your hands.And also,  It uses water and is gentle on your skin. I will also want know the disadvantage so that I can know more about this product.

    1. Thanks very much for the comments, Barry! Yes, these amazing toilets are so much more sanitary! Depending on your specific situation, there are disadvantages, such as the need for an electrical outlet in the bathroom and the higher price compared to a standard toilet. However, I’d say many users enjoy these toilets so much that they would rather have everyone convert their toilets to the electric kind, so that they don’t have to encounter another one of the old toilets again in the future! 😉

  5. Something everybody uses and no talks about. Well as I will be getting my home built later this year, I will have to check out TOTO version. I am into that not touching the seat. LOL!!!. I must admit I had not idea that this was a thing. I just assume the most upgrade was a bidat toilet that was it. You opened my eyes to a whole new world. Thank you for this.
    Best Wishes.

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