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Welcome to my site where I will introduce you to the Amazing Asian Electronic Bidet Toilets! Here is why…


Washlet in Suzhou, China
Gorgeous example of electronic bidet toilet: first washlet I saw in Suzhou, China
Pictorial self-explanatory controls for washlet
Pictorial, self-explanatory, controls for that washlet

I have traveled broadly and just last fall, I had the chance to make two big trips to attend scientific conferences (I am an adjunct professor in biomedical engineering) in China and in Japan. I had already been to Japan 20 years prior. I noticed how clean the air in Tokyo was, compared to 20 years ago, and I was amazed with how modern parts of China had become, and how fast it had developed. You can read more about my travels on my travel blog starting with Shanghai and with Tokyo.

One little, innocuous, daily life difference I found between modern Asia and the rest of the world, say Europe and North America, were the toilets. In hotels and shopping malls, I was confronted with a spectrum of fancy toilets, an experience which was bewildering at times, but in the end was fun and educational.

It made me realize that these electronic toilets with jets that clean you are the way of the future. One day we will wonder why we had not adopted these toilets sooner.


In our world of climate change, it is becoming more and more important to make ecological choices. Relying on toilet paper, the current typical Western toilet that is so familiar to us is also on the verge of becoming an outdated fixture, that is both unhygienic and unecological.

The modern toilets developed in Asia have many advantages, such as a heated seat, a self-cleaning mode and massage features, their design can also be more elegant, besides being more hygienic and ecological.


If you browse the internet, you will find a smorgasbord of intelligent electronic toilets for every budget. Here we will offer a guide to help you choose a space-age robotic toilet to suit your needs and tastes.

As an advocate for these electronic toilets, I want to break the cultural barriers that limit their broader introduction around the world.

If you are looking to greatly improve your restroom experience, you are coming to the right place.


Please read our introduction to smart toilets here, then continue on to the list of bidet benefits. You’re also invited to read the Wikipedia page about Electronic Bidet Toilets.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below or on other articles and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Philippe Pouliot, Ph.D.

10 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Wow, your story sounds amazing. That is awesome how Japan was able to clean their air between the 20 years of your first and second visits. I really like your mission with this website. If we all become more conscious about pollution we could clean our air as well. I think that some people don’t even realize that what they are using causes pollution in the first place. I hope that you continue to help people make better ecological choices by providing them with good information and recommendations.

    1. Thanks for sharing your concerns about pollution, Marlinda! I agree, there is many ecological choices that we can make to improve the environment, that are a win-win-win situation for the people, the economy and the environment!

  2. Hi

    I couldn’t help myself from the moment I saw the title from laughing and smiling. My family always found that my obsession with having a great toilet. I lokey toilet clean and comfortable, also easy to clean. I heard of this kind of toilets but I really thought it was a myth. Thanks for giving me more information about it. 

    I have one question, where can I get it? What can be the price. And because it’s an electronic toilet,  does it work only on electricity? I live in Africa so electricity can be a problem sometimes. If yes, how can I use it when there is no electricity?


    1. Hello, I’m glad you found this informative. If you look at other articles on my website, you will find the answers to most of your questions. However, for your convenience, I will answer them here. First, the toilets will flush even without electricity, but most of the features do require electricity. As for your geographical location, yes, this will have an impact on your shopping and installing the bidet toilet. It maybe that one of the toilets I suggest is the best option for you, but there are many models, some of them much cheaper and even portable. The portable kind can be very convenient, because you can take it with you wherever you go. I will write an article about it soon.

  3. That’s really cool and awesome! Toilets become more important than before because people starting to deepen the requirements for hygiene, and comfort, never heard about any website did something like you do! Also, I like your story and your goal! Great job! Thank you for this, I’ll keep following your website!

    1. Thanks Yu-Siang, I very much appreciate your encouragements! Looking forward to seeing you back on my website! Best wishes to you. Phil

  4. These toilets really are a game changer. I agree with you, toilet paper is outdated should become a relic of the past wherever possible. 

    Truth is though, many people are too set in their bathroom habits to make this change. Maybe when the world is populated entirely by millennials 🙂 However, if China and Japan can do it so can the rest of us


    1. Thanks very much for your perspective. I so much agree with you that habits are hard to change. If I can make my little contribution for a better world, then all the better! 

  5. Hi Phillipe, this is a very interesting look at what is possible for toilets. I have always thought how many of our tools have upgraded over time and yet the toilet is still working with the same process. This intelligent electronic toilet, with all the features, would definitely make our world better. It would be great to step into the restroom of a hotel, say, and experience this new technology, but I would love one in my own home, working within my budget of course. I guess with scientists like yourself, who are concerned about ecology as a priority, it will happen one day. Thanks for opening my eyes to this. 

    1. All very good points, JJ! My first efforts here have been at sensitizing the end-consumer, but you are quite right that directing some efforts at the business level of hotel and shopping center managers and developers could go a long way. Especially starting in areas which are already experiencing rapid growth, like where there is a large minority Asian population and large cities. Again, thanks for sharing your views.

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